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Soils & Gravels

A wide variety of tests on soils and gravels are offered to determining accurate engineering properties including classification as per COLTO/COTO and other recognised construction standards. Enabling confident selection of materials for design and quality control purposes before, during and after construction.

Aggregates & Rock

In depth aggregate analyses for suitability of use in various construction applications such as concrete, asphalt, premix products, pipe and drainage systems. This includes assessments on a mineralogy level to identify any potential for weathering as well as specialised testing procedures.

Concrete & Precast Products

Concrete mix designs for various construction applications such as ready mix and site mix concrete. Testing of concrete and precast products. Sampling and manufacturing of test specimens on site and in the laboratory. Durability assessments. Strength testing before and after construction.

Geotechnical Services

We offer a large scope of geotechnical services to assist engineering design teams including:
Geotechnical investigations for various large and small scale projects, from multi storey structures and bulk water schemes through to rural and urban housing developments as well as NHBRC classification.

Centreline and road network investigations for new and rehabilitation/upgrade projects. Quarry and borrow pit investigations including estimated yield and quality assessment for potential use. Specialised geotechnical laboratory testing for shear strength design parameters, bearing Capacity analysis together with associated settlement and permeability of soils Geotechnical engineering advice including foundation recommendations, retaining walls and slope stability.

Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd is the only in the Eastern Cape accredited for the geotechnical suite of testing - BS1377-5/7

Geotechnical Bill of Quantity Formulation Consulting

Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd has recognised a need in the industry for appropriate and relevant BOQ’s issued as part of Requests for Quotations. Come to us to assist you in putting together a RFQ which is concise, detailed, and applicable to your projects.

This not only assists you in receiving like-for-like quotes, for precise comparisons, but it also ensures you will be doing the correct testing for your specific project.

Should you appoint us to handle the project for you, you will receive a rebate corresponding to the consulting fee charged initially.

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geotechnical laboratory
geotechnical laboratory

Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd is a civil engineering Materials & Geotechnical Testing Laboratory located in East London. Accredited nationally and internationally, with a skilled team of well trained and competent staff,...

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