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Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd is a SANAS Accredited civils & geotechnical engineering materials testing laboratory with highly qualified and industry registered professionals. We are passionate about what we do and are driven to impart a stronger sense of the value and importance of materials and geotechnical testing to the civils and construction industry.

We have over 40 years’ experience in the industry and are East London’s only local, home-grown laboratory. Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd boasts a wide scope of accreditation, with a unique focus on being the only laboratory in the Eastern Cape accredited for several geotechnical tests. We pride ourselves in being proactive, Impartial, accurate and timeous.


Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2010 to serve primarily as a concrete testing laboratory for the quality control of the ready-mix concrete industry. Over the years, the business has diversified tremendously and now operates as an accredited civil engineering materials laboratory focusing on concrete, soils and aggregate. Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd offers a wide array of services and has expanded into the geotechnical investigation arena with its skilled technicians heading up regular geotechnical investigations on a variety of projects.

Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd has a rich brand heritage dating back to the 1980's when the founder, Mr Elwyn Hoft was a well-known figure in the South African National Superbike Championship. Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd's bold green colour is a mark of the team he raced for during that period.

Mr Hoft passed away in 2021.

Since then, the lab has restructured, realigned and refocused. We continue to see Mr Hofts vision for Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd through, exceeding what he ever thought possible, using the ethos he instilled in us to keep our feet on the ground and our eyes on the prize.

The logo used from 2010 - 2018 was derived as a summary of the key elements of Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd's testing. Namely, Nuclear density Testing, Concrete and road materials.

In 2019, Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd underwent a rebrand and now boasts a new, modern, simple logo which highlights various layers of "strata" as well as the profile of a concrete cube. It also incorporates the "S" for Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd while depicting a road, indicative of road material testing.


  • To remain an impartial and independent laboratory who operates profitably and efficiently.
  • Create lasting partnerships with our customers with value-adding products and services.
  • To be the leading service provider in our field of operation.
  • To enhance the industry by asserting the importance of our services.


  • To operate ethically and impartially, while ensuring our customer’s confidentiality.
  • Understand our customers’ requirements and exceed them.
  • Provide accurate test results and recommendations
  • To invest in new technologies.


  • Excellence
  • Diligence
  • Integrity
  • Respect for different cultures, political differences, individual dignity and the environment.

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geotechnical laboratory
geotechnical laboratory

Strata GeoCivils (Pty) Ltd is a civil engineering Materials & Geotechnical Testing Laboratory located in East London. Accredited nationally and internationally, with a skilled team of well trained and competent staff,...

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